Santiago Huerta (Saint)

Saint has been drawing as long as he can remember. He started at a young age creating characters to communicate his own stories using pencil. He gradually progressed to sharpies and finally to paint. He is a self-taught artist and creates his art by using images he sees in his head and brings those images to life on the canvas. His art is considered abstract and dark, but with a touch of light and beauty. Saint uses his favorite color--black--as his choice for his art. He generally starts his art creations with black on the canvas. He feels he sees the final image better with the black background. He never produces the same painting twice. He is always pushing his art to new creative levels--always something new and different

He uses many mediums to create his art ranging from sharpies, acrylics, charcoal, chalk, and oils, etc. He uses music to help him with the mood and rhythm to produce his work. Music helps fuels his mind to move faster with better focus. He took a two-year hiatus from his art to focus on music, but soon, he returned to his first love, art. He began with drawings but quickly progressed  to paintings. Saint has always felt a sense of accomplishment when admirers of his art tell him they were inspired or they were affected by one of his paintings. He has been in art shows and has spoken with many artists from around the Dallas area. He feels there is a lot of great local talent. He enjoys listening to others talk about their passion. These murals will be saint’s first opportunity to work in this large scale, and he is prepared to rock it! For Dallas to see what he can do.

Instagram: @artcomestolife

Facebook: Saint

Twitter: @Sainttheartist