Mark Crow

Mark Crow is a self-taught artist and has been drawing as far as he can remember. Crow explains, III have always did some sort of art as a child growing up in Oak Cliff, TX. He saw things in my neighborhood that gave me my foundation in art". Crow has experimented with several different mediums to create his one of kind creations. His weapons of choice are oil and acrylic paints, which are used on paper, canvas and wood. Crow began his professional career in art at the age of 16 with the careful guidance of his mentors local artist Frank Frazier, Alix Beajour, and the late great Arthello Beck. Mark was introduced to artist Frank Frazier in 1987 at his home and Frank has been a Mentor for Mark for many years. In 2000, while traveling with Frank Frazier on one of his many road trips to an art show, Mark was asked to display some of his works. For the next 10 years, Mark has been active in the art community and becoming a workshop leader for agencies like Reciprocity, St. Phillips School, North Dallas High school, Stephens Park Elementary school, Thomas Tolbert Elementary and The South Dallas Youth Conference. Mark has also worked with Frank Frazier at Visions in Black Gallery and Alix Beajour at Beajour Des Beau Arts Gallery. Crow also exhibits his work in Galleries throughout the country. Many of his paintings are found in the collection of notable art galleries and individuals, including actor/author Hill Harper, Artcetera, Frank Frazier and The African American Museum of Art. Crow works in a variety of styles but he always retains a sense of identity and focus in his works. Crow's works have a lot of energy and they always tell a story with emotion and strength.

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