Lisa Boorse

Lisa Boorse is a realist painter living and working in Fort Worth.  She was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1961 and settled in Texas after living with her family in Wyoming and Colorado.  Her artistic process began as a child when she was inspired by her artistic father and brother.  At a very early age she was consumed with drawing various objects in her environment, such as nature and animals, when she discovered her passion for the human form.  It was then that art became her overriding passion. 

Her art work is in many private residences across the U.S. and has been exhibited at the Crystal Moon Gallery and the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.  She has completed mural pieces in Hawaii, Fort Worth, and Dallas, and also teaches art from her home studio.  Her work has been described as, “Organic,” “Strong,” and “Naturalistic”.  Boorse considers art to be profoundly intimate and begins each piece with a pencil sketch, taking time to lay out the composition, atmosphere, and key elements while drawing upon her own life experiences. Boorse is currently working on a new series of paintings which combines realism and pure abstract forms that were inspired by surrealism.  Her work reflects the human condition, and like the human condition, it is ever evolving.

Facebook: Lisa Boorse