Joseph Alexander

Alexander has been drawing since he was young.  Some time around the age of 11 or 12 he met a graffiti writer named Slick from Dallas.  The two would chill and kick it with Alexander's other brothers, and Alexander would watch Slick make graffiti pieces effortlessly, with mad style.  The aspect of graffiti that fascinated Alexander the most is there are no wrong letters.  You have total freedom to express yourself and the color schemes and styles are only limited to your imagination.  Through Slick's teaching, Alexander soon discovered that graffiti for him, like most obsessed writers, is a love affair that never ends.  Graffiti and his other art are constantly evolving and growing.  Slick (Edward) was his biggest inspiration, besides his Mama and family.  Slick motivated Alexander to pick up the art for himself.  He gave him the foundation he needed to build from and to adapt through the years his own styles and branch out to do more than graffiti.  Other then graffiti, most of Alexander's art pieces are abstract or surreal. He found the most enjoyment/satisfaction in making art for others, especially those close to him.  They carry a message, a meaning and are from the heart.  Alexander is mostly self-taught, but inspired by all those close to him.