Eric Mancini

Mancini was born and raised in Denton, TX. Elementary school is what he remembers the most about art, how he became exposed to it, and was allowed to explore his own creativity at a very young age. When Mancini was a young kid, he would go to Hastings with his mom while his brother took piano lessons down the road. At Hastings, he would read Calvin and Hobbes comics which consisted of him mostly looking at all the great drawings by Bill Watterson. He would also usually pick up a 'How To Draw Superheros' tutorial book and beg his mom to get both. As his life progressed, Eric found himself becoming intensely involved in sports and art slowly drifted away. The Calvin and Hobbes books were slowly traded in for baseball cards and Big League Chew bubble gum. After certain life experiences in college in Edinburg, where he played baseball for The University of Texas Pan American, Eric decided to move back home to Denton. He was a lost soul drifting by, with not much purpose. He had ambitions, but was too distracted by all the nonsense in the world and the mistakes he had made in college to make any drastic moves for himself. Mancini had some friends that were studying art at the University of North Texas. He started throwing himself into painting again. Literally. He threw paint everywhere and found that just doing that brought some sense of accomplishment and finishing something. He couldn't stop. He constantly wanted to see what he could create next. His friends studying art were almost sick of him constantly coming over to paint and getting paint all over their house. It became what he likes to call "a positive addiction", as long as he could continue to afford all the paint. Eric believes art and especially the freedom of painting helped him and hopes people can gain something from his art or just forget the little things for a while.

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