Adrian Torres

Adrian Torres was born in 1982 in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). He remembers that he used to draw as a child all the time comics mostly. His first contact with painting took place at the beginning of his studies of Fine Arts in SevillaAfter he finished his studies in Barcelona (2005) he moved to the United States and begun painting at Ron Tomlison's Studio in Fort Worth (Texas) for over two years. After returning to Cádiz (Spain) he established his studio in Conil de la Frontera. Torres has exhibited in the United States, Spain, Germany, France, Brazil and now South Asia where he is traveling to again inspiration. He is currently on 'Riding Colors', a Southeast Asian-wide tour, including Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and India, with artistic voluntary stints in multiple NGOs, creating murals and teaching art & education of color & joy to children in need.

Instagram: @adriantorres_art

Facebook: Adrian Torres Art