About 42 Murals

42 GALLERIES is devoted to promoting art in Dallas and Deep Ellum,TX.

Deep Ellum has a long history as a cultural epicenter for the arts, especially encouraging innovative expression and development in music and visual arts.

42 GALLERIES is expanding upon that history through the promotion of the visual arts with pop-up galleries, sculptures, innovative architecture and the 42 Murals Project.


42 Murals provides an opportunity for local, national, and international artists to showcase their talent through murals painted on many of the historic buildings in Deep Ellum. The mural project also provides free public art to thousands of visitors. The primary focus is on local artists.


  • Be a destination for visitors from Dallas and beyond.
  • Increase the awareness of art in Deep Ellum and Dallas.
  • Provide exposure for artists of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Engage students in local schools as participants and visitors.