42 Murals Project 2017

For questions, please send an email to:  42murals@42realestate.com 

Please submit entries to  42murals@42realestate.com        

Please note, the deadline has been extended until April 15

Who may Submit: Anyone of any age, location or background may submit, although local artists will be highly represented in the project.

Please include the following information with your entries:   Name, Address, Cell phone #, Email address, Instagram Handle, Facebook Pages, 

Illustration of proposed mural- must show exact color and representation of what will be painted

References, Past Projects and or shows

Acknowledgement that by making a submission to 42 Murals you confirm that this exact artwork will not be painted elsewhere in Dallas-Ft. Worth without written permission of 42 Galleries.

Notes:    42 Murals Project 2017 will assign walls, but each artist has the right to determine if they will proceed after the walls have been assigned.

42 Galleries cannot guarantee placement or size. Murals will probably be no less than 6’ x 6’, and could be as large as 20’ x 30’. The 2017 mural sizes will likely be smaller than the 42 Murals from 2015.

Selected artists for the 2017 Murals Project will be contacted directly sometime after April 25, 2017. 

For questions, please send an email to:  42murals@42realestate.com